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BAUMA 2010

The Sennebogen 690 HD

At the BAUMA in Spring 2010 in Munich we tested the reaction on the first version of our virtual construction game at the booths of machine manufacturers. The result was very positive: from approximately 100 interviewed manufacturers 99 answered the question whether they would allow us to present their machines in a virtual construction game with: 'Yes'.


Cockpit Simulator

Cockpit-Simulator with industrial Joysticks and Pedals

Conworld offers cockpit simulators for different machines. Here you can see our crawler excavator with industrial hardware - customized to fit the client's needs. We added some pictures.


Drive a 'real' excavator

If you live in Europe you can win one hour on a 'real' excavator!


Professional Education Fair

Visitor Frequency during an education fair in Nuremberg, Germany, December 2012

This video is supposed to demonstrate what happens when you install our simulators at your booth during fairs and events. Particularly the young generation is fascinated by our simulators, but they also attract adults and professionals. Find more videos and pictures from our fairs and events on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CONWORLD. Have fun!

Mission Earthmoving

Mission "Earthmoving" with concrete pouring

This video shows content from one of the two free missions in the game. You start with soil compaction (with a dozer or compacter), then you excavate a pit, then you mount the formwork, then the reinforcement and last but not least comes the concrete! Have fun!

Mission Prefab-House

Mission "Mount a prefab house"

This video shows content from one of our two free missions in the game. You start with wall mounting, continue with the prefab slabs, then with reinforcement and then with concrete pouring of the slab. You close with the front walls, girders and finally with the roof panels! Have fun!

Putzmeister M 42/5 Concrete Pump

If you need to go further.

The Putzmeister M 42/5 as the bigger brother of the PUMI enhances the pouring range for concrete. Thus you can add some complexity and flexibility to your construction site. You will need additional space and some navigation skills. We implemented the fully automated self-erection of the pump from the original into our game. You can upgrade from the free PUMI pump to the extended version of the Putzmeister M 42/5 if you buy it from our machine park later on. We will keep you on track on our upgrades to come. Stay tuned!

Liebherr Concrete Mixer HTM 904

What is a construction site without concrete? For that you need mixer trucks to get the concrete to the place where you need it. This video shows the options you have with our concrete mixer when operated in conjunction with the big concrete pump.

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