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BAUMA 2010

The Sennebogen 690 HD

At the BAUMA in Spring 2010 in Munich we tested the reaction on the first version of our virtual construction game at the booths of machine manufacturers. The result was very positive: from approximately 100 interviewed manufacturers 99 answered the question whether they would allow us to present their machines in a virtual construction game with: 'Yes'.


Cockpit Simulator

Cockpit-Simulator with industrial Joysticks and Pedals

Conworld offers cockpit simulators for different machines. Here you can see our crawler excavator with industrial hardware - customized to fit the client's needs. We added some pictures.


Drive a 'real' excavator

If you live in Europe you can win one hour on a 'real' excavator!


Thank you for your interest in conworld!


In order to gain access to our virtual online construction world you need to install our client software on your computer. After successful installation you can connect to our servers.

System requirements: WIN-computer with XP, DirectX 9, PhysX, a better graphics board, a PC-compatible gamepad if you like

Please follow these steps in order to install:

  1. Register on our homepage
    Please register using the online form below by clicking on 'Create an account'. You can chose a user name and a password. Please use a unique user name (bad: "John", better "John Smith" or something unique that only you know). If you have problems with registration (e.g. same name conflict) please try again or get in touch with our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ! Please store it in a safe place. If you forget your user name or password you can come back to our homepage and request new login data using the login module. Please consider the links in the login module!
    If registration is successful, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to activate your account. Only with an activated account can you login to our website to download the client software.
  2. Login on our homepage
    During the registration process you determine your user name and password alone by yourself. Please login on our homepage with your login data. If you see a welcome message at the end of this column's text you are already logged in. You can then download the software by clicking on 'Download Software' in the user menu at the left side of the homepage.
  3. Download software
    After successful login you can see our user area where you can change your user data and profile. In the user menu you will see the link to your profile and the link for software download. Download the software and install it on your computer following the instructions given in the installer. You will need full access to your computer with administrator rights.
  4. Connect to game-server
    Start the client software and follow the instructions in the game menu on your screen. And now have fun playing on our virtual construction sites!

Video Gallery

Get a glimpse of Ground Zero in October 2008, out of the PATH train. More...

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