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BAUMA 2010

The Sennebogen 690 HD

At the BAUMA in Spring 2010 in Munich we tested the reaction on the first version of our virtual construction game at the booths of machine manufacturers. The result was very positive: from approximately 100 interviewed manufacturers 99 answered the question whether they would allow us to present their machines in a virtual construction game with: 'Yes'.


Cockpit Simulator

Cockpit-Simulator with industrial Joysticks and Pedals

Conworld offers cockpit simulators for different machines. Here you can see our crawler excavator with industrial hardware - customized to fit the client's needs. We added some pictures.


Drive a 'real' excavator

If you live in Europe you can win one hour on a 'real' excavator!


License & Game Rules

Do's and Dont's when using conworld.

Basic access to conworld is free. In addition to the free services we offer some services with costs. For that reason we reserve the right for legal action if visitors or users violate the rules specified below. We will not reimburse any payments to users who are themselves responsible for the deletion or blocking of their accounts. If users continuously act against the conduct code in Conworld they loose the right to use the software.


1. Fair Play

The following are forbidden actions and subject to exclusion from the game and website:

  1. Offense, discrimination and obstruction of any kind with players, conworld employees and third parties.
  2. Voluntary and intended malapropism of the game's idea and continuous use for purposes other than intended of the machines and other parts of the game; continuous blocking of other players and machines or other parts of the game; the user is prohibited from any manner of cheating, exploiting errors or bugs, and using exploits.
  3. Annoyance of players, conworld employees or third parties with spam mails, junk mails or chain letters for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  4. The use of hacks, cheats or other tools that alter services or affect the gaming experience; the user may not disrupt the gaming procedure or employ any mechanisms or use any software or take any measures that might disrupt or damage the functioning of conworld or render it less efficient (viruses, worms, trojans, dialers etc.)
  5. To gain or trying to gain illegal access to the backend, the software and hardware of conworld as a system; creating or using exchanging, offering or selling elements of conworld’s services (e.g. units, virtual currency, coins, points, virtual goods) outside conworld is not permitted. Spying out conworld, its platforms or other users (e.g. by employing tools, emulating protocols, or tunnelling) and illegally collecting data during use are prohibited.


2. User Account

  1. Conworld games may only be played on the platforms provided, via the access made available by conworld, and in accordance with the applicable rules.
  2. The user may not assign or offer to assign its license agreement or account to third parties. conworld access data and account data must be kept secret; this does not include disclosure to statutory representatives.
  3. The use of conworld's services is limited to one household. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, sell or resell the software after download.
  4. Non-existing or incorrect e-mail addresses will result in failures when accessing the website for download or user profile changes. You need to re-register in order to obtain valid login data.
  5. Copying the software on exchange platforms or similar platforms for the purpose of massive distribution is prohibited and will result in exclusion from all conworld services.


3. Copyrights and Third Party Rights

  1. The user many not alter or modify conworld's services beyond their designated usage.
  2. Using, copying and passing on conworld's services is expressly prohibited, unless conworld has expressly granted permission. With registration the user gains the right to use the services for non-commercial and private purposes only. Mention of conworld's name and its trademarks may not be removed or altered.
  3. The user is not allowed to circumvent technical measures for protecting conworld's services or to decompile or disassemble conworld's services with the aid of software, IT systems or in any other manner.
  4. All contents on the website and within the game are protected by copyright law. All company logos and brands, also from third parties, belong to the owners and are subject to their own copyright regulations. Malapropism of game content and particularly of brands within the game  (e.g. through screen videos with comments of any type) are not allowed. All users are responsible for their own actions in the game and they can be made liable if they damage a brand's reputation. Conworld will not take any liability in this context. The user indemnifies Conworld from all responsibility by using the game software.
  5. The user may not use conworld's services for any commercial purpose without prior permission from conworld. The user may not post or use any content on the platform (e.g. user name, texts, pictures, photos, videos) that breaches statutory regulations or infringes third-party rights.


5. Severability Clause

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

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Get a glimpse of Ground Zero in October 2008, out of the PATH train. More...

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