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  • Get vertical.
    Get vertical.

    Drill rigs are complex machines and not for baby builders. For that reason it is even more fun to operate them. Use two Bauer BG28 to build concrete piles for a roller coaster. First drill the holes and then use other cool machines like the Terex CTT 321 tower crane and the PUMI Putzmeister to mount reinforcement and pour concrete!

  • The Conworld Digger Cup.

    Let the digging games begin!! 5 challenging tasks are waiting for you and your friends on a parcours for 4 Komatsu PC 240 hydraulic excavators at the same time! Get maximum points for speed and accuracy and save your names in our online top ten list. Be our Digger King and win some cool prizes! Check Facebook or

  • Want something bigger?
    Want something bigger?

    Big construction sites are fascinating places. Here you can build a multi-storey office building starting from the bottom slab upwards. You will experience the most detailed construction process simulation available on the planet comprising realistic formwork, a big M42-5 Putzmeister concrete pump and a Liebherr HTM 904 concrete mixer!

  • Free your mind.
    Free your mind.

    The Terex CTT 321 tower crane offers realistic rope physics to mount prefab slabs, reinforcement, formwork and many other parts. You will not miss a thing from up there. You will use small chains on your hook to connect your loads. Are you ready for some crane ballet with your friends?

  • Realistic processes.
    Realistic processes.

    The manufacturing of a concrete pile with a drill rig is a challenging task. That is true in reality and in simulation as well. Discover the most complex machine in our virtual world. Not only one, but two of them. One thing is for certain: if you master these machines, you can master any machine.

  • The crane ballet.
    The crane ballet.

    Experience two Terex CTT 321 tower cranes on one construction site, side by side. You can play with friends either in public or in private worlds where nobody can disturb you. In our office building mission you will discover the variety of our construction processes. Build like it was for real. More detailing is hardly possible.

  • Prove your skills.
    Prove your skills.

    The Komatsu PC 240 hydraulic excavator can be found on two of our construction sites in Conworld. First it is part of the Conworld Digger Cup and then we use the machine in another mission where you have to build a cellar. But that is not enough, we also have a mobile wheeled excavator in the excavation pit mission.

  • Our mobile excavator.
    Our mobile excavator.

    We have extended our excavator fleet. In addition to the multi-tool excavator and the Komatsu PC 240 we have now implemented a wheeled mobile excavator with an adjustable arm. You will find this machine in the excavation pit mission - ready for excavation and refilling. In between you need to build a round-shaped concrete wall.

  • Build together.
    Build together.

    The Putzmeister M42/5 Concrete Pump and the Liebherr HTM 904 Concrete Mixer. Both on a MAN truck. Together in a strong team. Place your machines in such a way that pump and mixer will not interfere with other ressources on site. But be careful: the pump needs space and requires attention, otherwise you're gonna spoil the concrete!

  • Cockpit Simulators.
    Cockpit Simulators.

    Put aside your gamepad and get on the seat of one of our cockpit simulators! Our simulators come for almost any virtual construction machine in a design to fit all your needs. Educate beginners and save some fuel. You can reduce  operation time for your real machines. This is good not only for your real machines but also for your purse and the environment.

  • Drive realistic Machines.
    Drive realistic Machines.

    The Sennebogen MultiCrane MC 608. A real multi-talent on any construction site. With a small turning radius due to special steering features. You can choose between different tools such as fork or working platform. Lift your workers up to where you need them and let them pour concrete on slabs.

  • Rent and/or Buy.
    Rent and/or Buy.

    We offer custom and hand made solutions for your virtual construction machines. Our cockpits come with pedals, steering wheel, joysticks or other controllers - we build your machine according to your wishes and deliver a plug-and-play USB device that is as easy to install as a memory stick. This easy-to-transport solution can be used with different screens or computer hardware.

  • Pour and Compact.
    Pour and Compact.

    Let other players lift you up on the prefab slab with the MC 608 so that you can start compacting the pumped concrete. Bring the concrete surface to one equal level in order to continue with the gable walls. Virtual Construction as a teamplay or by yourself, just as you like it best. The next missions are waiting for you!

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Latest Articles

BAUMA 2010

The Sennebogen 690 HD

At the BAUMA in Spring 2010 in Munich we tested the reaction on the first version of our virtual construction game at the booths of machine manufacturers. The result was very positive: from approximately 100 interviewed manufacturers 99 answered the question whether they would allow us to present their machines in a virtual construction game with: 'Yes'.


Cockpit Simulator

Cockpit-Simulator with industrial Joysticks and Pedals

Conworld offers cockpit simulators for different machines. Here you can see our crawler excavator with industrial hardware - customized to fit the client's needs. We added some pictures.


Drive a 'real' excavator

If you live in Europe you can win one hour on a 'real' excavator!


Experience our Machines featuring Manufacturers like

Cockpit-Simulator with industrial Joysticks and Pedals

Conworld offers cockpit simulators for different machines. Here you can see our crawler excavator with industrial hardware - customized to fit the client's needs. We added some pictures.

Just imagine you could build any kind of simulator according to your wishes, for the machine you want and with all and only those features that you like. A simulator that comes with a training software that is adopted to your needs. This is what we have to offer - a fully integrated solution out of one hand. Starting with the virtual interactive machine model up to the cockpit hardware. You can choose between your own machine cabin - maybe the original one - or a customized solution that comes out of our shop.

The simulator comes with our hardware controller, designed for use in many different simulation kits and fully customizable for our clients. This component is the most important part of our simulator as it links the graphics engine to the cockpit hardware. The controller can process 4x16 signals coming from the cockpit and causing a reaction in the virtual environment of the simulation application. If needed, the controller can also send signals from the virtual environment back to the cockpit hardware, for instance signals for force feedback like vibrations. The combination of hardware controller and graphics software allows us to develop almost any virtual simulator for you.

Our cockpit comes in a familiar look- we prefer original parts instead of computer game hardware. Our pedals refer to original pedals and work with electronic foot switches.

For the 'driver seat' and the steel frame of the simulator we work together with suppliers of professional seating systems. The whole simulator is a mobile unit and consists of the adjustable seat unit with pedals and joysticks and the mobile monitor/computer unit on wheels.

Steering wheels as well as joysticks and pedals or even complete industrial cockpits can be connected 1:1 to the graphics engine.

We have designed the lower frame in such a way that the whole simulator can be moved easily with a simple hand truck. You can transport the system easily from one classroom to another, from one screen/computer-unit to another or you can store it in your car if you want to show it on a trade fair.

You want your own simulator, one that has not been available so far at a reasonable price? You want a customized simulation or training software with that? Get in touch with us - we might have a solution for you!

You want a demo? We will be pleased to show our products at your place. Please get in touch with us via E-mail in order to make an appointment.

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